Covid-19 Updates 25th March 2020

We are updating our website constantly to keep everyone updated on how we are dealing with Covid-19. Please click on the updates below.

Addendum to Child Protection Policy due to the circumstances of COVID-19

Helping children and young people to manage anxiety

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed a lot for families with children over the past few weeks and Change 4 Life Sunderland have lots of tips and advice on how to help support you and your family. Please click here for the new Change 4 Life Sunderland ‘Alternative Recipe’ booklet which has information and ideas for easy-to-make, low-cost meals. The booklet also includes main supermarket price comparisons, you can also get ideas on how to make your budget go further, with links to different websites and apps that offer simple, healthy recipes. ‘Ideas for Staying Active and Staying Home’ booklet also has activities and ideas on how to stay active while staying indoors. The following links may also be useful.

The September Plan

Covid-19 Risk Assessment for September

Information for parents summary – September 2020 Update

Covid-19 Update 08.06.2020

Covid-19 Arrangements for May Bank Holiday

Letter to Parent/Carer 21st May 2020
Covid-19 Update 21.05.2020

Covid-19 Update 15.05.2020

Covid-19 Update 11.05.2020

Covid-19 Update 03.04.2020
Top Tips

Covid-19 Update 01.04.2020

Covid-19 Update 20.03.2020

Covid-19 Update 16.03.2020

Covid-19 Update 16.03.2020

Covid-19 Update 06.03.2020