News and Events

Letter to Parents regarding Proposed School Day 29th January 2020

Reminder Letter to Parents regarding Revised Diocesan Academy Policy 19th December 2019

World Class School Status 17th December 2019

Christmas Arrangements 2019 4th December 2019

International School Award 25th September 2019

Information about St Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy 16th September 2019

Upgrade to IT services 18th July 2019

International Links Committee 9th July 2019

St. Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy School Term Dates 2019-2020 – Updated 3rd July 2019

Specialist Schools and Academies Trust 17th May 2019

Life at St Anthony’s and St Aidan’s 7th March 2019

Information about the Academy 13th February 2019

New Elected Parent Governor 21st January 2019

Sixth Form Open Evening 3rd October 2018

Section 48 OFTED Report June 2018 20th September 2018

Information about the Academy 20th September 2018

Y7 Information Evening 12th September 2018

Term Dates 2018-2019 4th September 2018

Letter to Parents – Our Lady of Mercy Education Trust 19th July 2018

Letter to Parents – Summer 2018 10th July 2018

Year 6 Information Evening – Cancelled 9th July 2018

School Nursing and Health Visiting Service 25th June 2018

St. Anthony’s Feast Day 13th June 2018

Letter to Parents – Security Arrangements 24th May 2018

Term Dates 2019-2020 22nd March 2018

Letter to Parents – Energy Drinks 6th March 2018

Letter to Parents – Enhancing safety and security in school 29th January 2018

Letter to Parents regarding changes to School Meals 20th January 2018

Spolight Magazine Christmas 2017 18th December 2017

Letter to Parents re Consultation on Admission Arrangements for St Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy 2019/20 4th December 2017

Letter to parents – 50% Cap National Campaign 30th November 2017

Letter to Parents – Christmas Arrangements 15th November 2017

Message for parents from Mrs Shepherd – Headteacher 6th November 2017

St Aidan’s & St. Anthony’s Proposed Changes to School Day 6th October 2017

St. Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy “Tour and Tea” 8th September 2017

School Nurse “Drop In” 2017-18 7th September 2017

PE and Sport Activities September to December 2017 5th September 2017

A Level and GCSE Results Days 2017 4th September 2017

Opening of St. Anthony’s New School 4th September 2017

GCSE Results 2017 25th August 2017

A level success at St. Anthony’s 2017: some of our best results ever! 17th August 2017

Spotlight 12th July 2017

The opening of the new St. Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy July 2017 26th June 2017

Summer Key Event Dates 2017 22nd June 2017

Free School Meals 13th June 2017

Online Survey for Parents/Carers 25th May 2017

Operation Encompass 3rd May 2017

Music at St. Anthony’s 26th April 2017

Letter to parents from Sunderland Secondary Headteachers regarding Funding Changes 23rd March 2017

We’re in the top 100 in England! 13th March 2017

Letter to parents regarding Monitoring Social Media Usage 13th March 2017

Music at St. Anthony’s 20th January 2017

PE and Sport and St Anthony’s 13th January 2017

Rome 2016 16th November 2016

Parent Governors 4th October 2016

European Day of Languages 28th September 2016

A Level Results Day 2016 19th August 2016

SLE Recruitment 13th June 2016

Summer Term Events/Key Dates 12th May 2016

St. Anthony’s European Extravaganza 26th January 2016

Year on Year Examination Success at St. Anthony’s – Results Days 2015 8th September 2015

Sailing on board HMS Ocean 8th June 2015

Customs House Takeover! 8th June 2015

Announcement from the Trustees 17th May 2015

National School Photography Awards Success! 27th April 2015

A Lifesaving Gift From Her Sister 27th April 2015

Sunderland Young Achievers Awards 27th April 2015

Young Film Makers Winners! 27th April 2015

Generosity of Year 9 Demonstrated By Food Bank Donation 21st April 2015

Examination revision during the Easter holidays 1st April 2015

The Antonian Awards 2015 30th March 2015

Arts Award Success! 20th March 2015

Winners! St Anthony’s Triumphs in City Sings Contest! 16th March 2015

World Book Day 2015 9th March 2015

Two fantastic new Library resources! 24th February 2015

Theology – Visit and Retreat 2nd February 2015

Free School Meals 22nd January 2015

Burying a Time Capsule for future Antonians 14th December 2014

Senior Team Mathematics Challenge 7th December 2014

Night at the Museum for Year 8 Pupils 1st December 2014

Anna Ball – Show Jumping at the National Championships 23rd November 2014

E-Safety Animation Success! 10th November 2014

St. Anthony’s Style 29th September 2014

Summer School Fun! 3rd September 2014

Tyne & Wear Cycling Success! 19th August 2014

Spectacular science! 5th August 2014

Tennis triumph and Wimbledon visit 1st August 2014

Sunderland Schools Dance Festival 1st August 2014

Into The Woods – 8th to 10th July 2015